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Supported by a team that has a wealth of experience in technology, logistics and death care, Empath Way is the newapproach for supporting funeral homes and cremation operations. 

Why Use a Trade Mortuary Business Instead of Doing the Work Yourself?

We are driven to provide funeral homes and cremation operations a new level of excellence by enabling them to focus more on event planning with families and not on the logistics of preparing the body. No more 3 am removal calls. More space in the funeral home. Fewer distractions.



Empath Way's dedicated professionals are highly experienced in all aspects of funeral, mortuary, cemetery and crematory operations. We understand what is necessary from first call transportation, complex preparation of the body for viewing, multiple transportation requirements including shipping in or out of the deceased and the handling of any cremation need. Empath Way becomes a seamless partner to funeral home operators.

Processes & Systems


Empath Way is equipped with modern transportation vehicles, software systems that track the deceased body (chain of custody) and services systems that link to the funeral home operator, medical examiner or morgue for greater efficiency and accuracy. Collectively, these enhanced processes and systems bring confidence to our customers that they have partnered with a best in class service provider.



We are available 24 hours of the day. Every day. As a client-partner, you can call in, text or email your service request to our dispatch system. We capture in writing the critical information for first call and any follow-on embalming, body preparation or cremation requirements and carry out those services as your service arm, keeping you posted on the progress. We also provide detailed chain of custody reporting, summary invoicing statements and other management reports.

leave the processing and logistics to empath way

Focus On Family Care

You Have Options 24/7

You can still call us to initiate services, but you can also use online forms to order services without the call, receiving a confirmation via email, text or both. You can also opt into receiving chain of custody reports to provide date, time and place stamping of tracking the deceased while in our care.

Link your bank account with our invoicing system to capture detail on each invoice and payment without searching for the paperwork--- more control and enhanced efficiency. Future links will allow you to log into Empath Way's website, enter your account number and view past statements, listings of families served, current activity... similar to what you can do with online banking.

Empath Way can lower your expenses and improve mortuary service performance:

  • By outsourcing mortuary services to Empath Way, funeral homes can re-purpose body handling spaces to customer facing operations that generate more revenue through enhanced funeral services.
  • Empath Way uses standardized vans with GPS tracking and route optimization software in high utilization operations vs often low utilization and no route optimization for a funeral home.
  • Barcode tags are attached to the body and mandatory scans made during each prep and handling step to ensure tracking efficiency and security of custody – chain of custody reports are electronically date/time stamped at each step.
  • Standardized gurneys matched to van design and synched with body preparation operations limit movements, lower risks.
  • Large capacity coolers for managing unforeseen increases in number of bodies or delays in approval forms.
  • Modernized embalming equipment with optimized preparation room layout with defined linear movements, overhead lifts, workstations, etc.
  • Expert cosmetologists that use state of the art techniques to enhance appearance to new levels.
  • Empath Way is responsible for regulatory reporting, maintenance expenses of prep rooms, retorts, and the facility, staffing and training, fleet management and other costs that can be eliminated from funeral home operations.
  • Empath Way owns and operates high capacity, state of art retort systems with staff specifically dedicated to cremation operation at a high cycle rate.

Are you near us?

Our service area ranges from Dallas-Fort Worth to San Antonio and points East and West in central Texas. Call us today to discuss your operations.